Why? was born from Giuseppe Stampone’s idea: that one of a neo-dimensional project through the use of Solstizio in its action. A video camera shoots a face in close-up and a voice tries to talk about itself with a question about the most urgent social problems of nowadays. Imagine, then, the same interview repeated to all the people who want to speak with us, to those we meet and visit, in all the languages of the world. Imagine, also, to see them edited in succession, as a long movie of thoughts and wishes. Imagine, at last, to watch them spread by the social networks, one by one, as if they were the pieces of a puzzle making up a shape of which we can’t foresee the size.

Why? has roots in many works by Giuseppe Stampone and projects of Solstizio, which it crosses, increasing their force of expansion. the structure is similar to that of the web, so it is able to touch the single territory and the global world, addressing issues like emigration, war and environmental problems.